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Baby Boomers Generation Network

We are a no nonsense baby boomer organization network, whose goal is to provide discounts for baby boomers, unite the people of our generation by promoting events that allow us to have fun, interact with one another, and thus develop a spirit of camaraderie. 

At the same time, we aim to promote through our own advertising, the businesses and interests of other baby boomers as well as the general public, for the sole purpose of being able to help each other, particularly under our present economy.

We feature Travel Agency Services, an Online Store, and we are presently working on our International Real Estate Services, Health and Nutrition products and other upcoming services as time and situations permit. We have travel promotions such as special golf and fishing rates in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, along with discounted room rates and tours. Visit our travel promotions page for further details.

We do not require membership, but if you are a Business Owner wishing to advertise your business through us, We encourage you to become one of our Vendors by registering with us. You will find our rates to be very modest and affordable!

We will not waste your time with baby boomer trivia, statistics, politics, information overload, or any other social issues at hand. We know just like you what these are and how they affect us. Besides, there are plenty of other media sources out there covering these issues that will make your head spin for us to try and feed you even more! We believe that our time becomes more beneficial when we focus on the positive rather than the negative, and strive to enjoy life more during our remaining years, by staying active, becoming more productive, well-being and mentally positive at all times.

We sincerely hope you will make us one of your favorites, visiting our site as often as you like, and most of all, take advantage of our services!

Baby Boomers Generation Network, Inc.

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